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Chapel Hill, TN | Marshall County


June 19, 2011

Forrest HS in NO way prepares a student for university...at least not a decent University. The people that have stated Forrest passes athletes regardless of their academic abilities are speaking truth. Forrest cares more about their sports programs than about educating students for higher education or success at life. That said, it was a safe school...didn't have to worry about guns or bombs...but seriously, education is lacking tremendously at Forrest. If you can send your children to Williamson County or even Rutherford County I strongly suggest you do, if your child stands a snowballs chance in hell of being academically prepared for college!

Submitted by a parent

January 26, 2011

I am a student that currently attends Forrest High School. I'll admit that the school isn't the best in the world, but it's small, safe, and I've actually learned a lot, believe it or not. Academics are good to know, but they aren't the most important things in the world, and though some of the teachers are lacking, the school is a good enviroment to be in. I was a new student my freshmen year and the students and teachers really welcomed me in. I totally fit in now for the most part. So this school isn't the best, so what. Who says college is the best thing out there. The world has plenty of oppurtunities to provide and if you learn nothing academic here, then surely you'll learn some street smarts.

September 3, 2010

I am from Chapel Hill, and I currently have children there. I want to advise parents that the geometry teacher there does not teach, infact, most of the students taking that class end up in summer school every year. Also, the girls soccer coach has never played soccer a day in her life, and treats the girls horribly. Due to this issue, the girls who thought they would be able to get a soccer scholarship, were sadly mistaken. The problem with the entire school boils down to lazy teachers. After 3 children in this school, I can vouch for that. Do not send your kids to this school if you want your kids to have any self esteem left.

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March 2, 2010

This school does not prepare you for any college courses except english. If you send your child here they will struggle to get through calculus or physics in college. The teachers at this school hardly ever teach and you will only pass if you play a sport otherwise you will go outside and pick up trash instead of learning in any history class. In the science classes you will watch movies instead of learning.

Submitted by a student

December 20, 2009

Forrest did NOT prepare me for college. I am a college sophomore right now, and I cannot attribute any academic excelence to Forrest High School. This school is sadly centered around the sport's programs(however poor they may be) and the teachers show indisputable favortism towards the athletes. Honestly, most of my teachers would put in movies the majority of the time because they didn't feel like teaching, and homework was a rarity. Forrest is seen as a joke to surrounding counties. If you can, please send your children to Rutherford or Williamson County schools.

November 10, 2009

I think there needs to be a better transition between CHES to Forrest School. My child feels a bit lost...

Submitted by a parent

September 10, 2009

This is the fourth child that our family has sent to Forrest. Not too many problems with the school with the first 3 but we're experiencing some with the fourth. I agree with the parent about the office staff being rude and acting as if we're. We've even had a teacher be rude with my wife this year. If you are involved in sports (and are good at it) or you are from Chapel Hill, you will have no problem at this school. I can't say the same for the rest of us.

Submitted by a parent

August 21, 2009

I had 2 sons that Graduated from Forrest school. My Oldest son graduated in 1997. We moved from oklahoma to tenn.People in Chapel hill welcomed us! My oldest son had learning disablities and they didnt relly have a program set up for it. But thanks to Mr.Delk and others they got one set up!Now the only school my youngest son went too is Forrest Schools (graduated in 2007) he considers Tenn his home and still lives in tenn. So dont tell me about them not excepting outsiders.The People in Chapel Hill Tenn are great people! And I miss ya'll alot. God keep you all Safe!

Submitted by a parent

March 31, 2009

I love Forrest High School, 3 generations of my family have graduated here and we all love it.

July 15, 2008

My daughter graduated from Forrest in 2008.She is now in college and doing well. This is a great place to send your child. The school has a zero tolerance policy to aggressive behavoir ( verbal or physcial) and THAT is an excellent reason to send your child here.There are good teachers and some that could improve. The guidance counselor here was very helpful in trying to assist my daughter in applying to colleges.I think they do need more AP classes, but it is a trade off....you trade the extra AP class cirriculum for the knowledge that your child will be attending a small safe school that places safety as a priority.

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June 12, 2008

I graduated from Forrest in 2007. I must say after completing my first year at college i was not prepared very well at all! I loved the fact that it was a small school and a small town but do however wish i had gotten a better education.

Submitted by a student

September 27, 2007

I feel that this school doesn't have a strong cirriculum, but is trying to improve it. The problem lies with the way that the funds are distributed throughout the district. The area is growing so fast that it must be difficult to keep up with the constant new needs. The area residents are very supportive of their schools.The student to teacher ratio is not listed correctly, it's more like 32/1. Also, transplants be aware that this school district condones corporal punishment.

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August 2, 2007

i personaly think the school lacks oportunities. the guidence department is not helpful in getting ready for college and or life after high school. most of the teachers let the students walk all over them or they let the students walk away learning less than expected. For example i took french one and two, most students who came out of the that class could not speak a lick of it. (i included) I will say though the honors english four, accounting and guitar teacher are some of the best in the school. the principal is an amazing person. the vice principal is alright. dont get me wrong the school is over all decent but there are better places where your children will have more accademic chance and extra activities.

Submitted by a former student

July 18, 2007

i graduated from forrest in 2002. was the education exceptional? no. was it adequate? maybe. at forrest, the ideal student fits an almost 'stepford wives' criteria--and that is: wear the right clothes, don't ask too many questions, get your A's and B's, and move on. there were only a few teachers that i found to genuinely encourage intellectual growth among students...i'll name them now--beth chunn (she only volunteers @ forrest now), beth sweeney (an excellent math and science teacher), brenda brown (she emphasizes construct and content in writing), and mickey smith (he teaches drama, but encourages thought and creativity in terms of his assignments)...

Submitted by a former student

May 7, 2007

The teachers do not go out of their way to insure a basic education. My daughter graduated from here. I cannot recommend this school.

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