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Hunters Bend Elementary School10

Franklin, TN | Williamson County


October 19, 2013

My son is in first grade at HBES and he is very happy. He has some concentration and focus challenges (who doesn't), but his teacher is working with him gently and us to make the best of his academic days and to help him be successful. Both his kindergarten and first grade teachers are very nurturing and kind and I have only been greeted with smiles and cooperative staff any day I visit. HBES just lost one great principal to retirement only to be replaced by another terrific and seemingly even more interactive principle. We are looking forward to many years at HBES with two siblings attending. Fieldstone Farms is a terrific family neighborhood to live in and we can walk to school or ride bikes if we choose. I would recommend this elementary and neighborhood to anyone with small children.

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August 18, 2013

Parents are likely to rank this school highly if they have not been out of state where you can see really innovative and rigorous public schools. This school is better than most TN public schools, but the kids are not challenged, the learning is by rote, the testing is almost exclusively matching and multiple choice. There is almost no feedback on their writing, and not much writing to begin with. Very few substantial written projects (any??), and the math is lacking. But it is safe and pleasant. Most teachers are nice, so it just depends what you are looking for. If you are coming out of state, the academics will be a let down.

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July 29, 2013

I have been thrilled with the education my daughter has received from this school. The teachers are fantastic, the curriculum is appropriate, and any discipline problems, which have been minimal, have been addressed quickly and fairly.

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March 31, 2011

We moved to Franklin three months ago from the NW Chicago suburbs, both of our sons were in private school in the burbs. I was excited and also a bit nervous when we decided as a family to return to the public sector. I am humbled, honored, and thrilled for our sons, who are in Kindergarten and 4th grade, they've been accepted with arms wide open. And, having come from an experience where the public sector is less than adequate, their private school did not really measure up either, surprisingly enough! Both of our children are behind, though the IEPs' they've both had have been enlightening. The teachers and support staff have gone above and beyond my expectations, and I can truly say that for the first time in seven years (since our eldest attended PK3), I can breathe a little easier knowing that someone (the teachers and staff at HBES) outside of my biological family wants as much for my sons as my husband and I do. The teaching style is different, the area is different, people are kinder, gentler, slower than what we are used to. Should you be moving into the area, give it some time. You will not be disappointed with this school, and with this area.

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December 31, 2009

I have 2 children at Hunters Bend and am very impressed with the quality of their teachers. The missng link at this school was a strong leader, and Mr. Parman has filled that role well.

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November 18, 2009

We have been extremely pleased with Hunters Bend. Very strong academically, great administration, and very active PTO.

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July 9, 2008

Our daughter has been at HBES for 2 years (we moved to this area for the schools). We are very pleased with her progress - at the end of both years she was above grade level. Her teachers have been wonderful and the communication lines between parents and teachers are always open. There is a lot of involvement from the parents. Our experience has been nothing but positive.

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June 16, 2008

We have given this school two years hoping that things would change. We are now sending our child to a private school. Discipline problems in our class were ignored by the administration, and I am very disappointed by my child's lack of progress. She will be have to be in remedial classes to catch up with the rest of her grade in her new school. Hopefully, we have acted quickly enough.

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January 24, 2008

I am an N-3 certifed teacher from New England and have not been thrilled with this school. My daughter does have a great Kindergarten teacher, but I was expecting more of a school with such a high rating.

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August 8, 2007

my daughter was also in the first grade last year. We had no difficulties with her teacher and were very pleased on how well her teacher worked to challenge her since she is very advanced for her age. We specifically moved to this part of Tennessee 3 years ago so that our children could attend this school district.

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September 9, 2003

We are so thrilled that our daughter attends Hunters Bend. The teachers are wonderful, the principal is very involved and the parental involvement is amazing. Hunters Bend is going to be a wonderful experience for our family.

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June 16, 2003

I'm so pleased that my child is a student at Hunters Bend Elementary. We interviewed this school before moving to this area and it hasn't failed our expectations. Our child has excelled in every area with the encouragement from the best teachers in the state!

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